Escape from Sweet Water

Adventure 2

Soon after rescuing the Silver Moon’s guests the crew decided to gather supplies and head directly to the docks and the awaiting Golden Breeze. They slipped through the alley beside the Silver Moon and into the livery next door. Here they encountered more zombies, and discovered a stable boy with a high fever.

The crew loaded the sick and wounded into a wagon, and traveled through the eerily quiet streets until they came across Carita’s House, an orphanage where the Baker’s Mistress was raised. Springing into action part of the crew used a rope to climb to a balcony while the rest entered through the front door.

Once the building was clear, the party found three children who had survived the zombie attack. The oldest child told the crew about a healer named Mendal who was researching a cure for the Walking Death before the zombie outbreak.

When the crew finally arrived at the docks they were shocked to discover that the Golden Breeze was gone. Instead they found a single fishing boat moored at the dock, and a terrible fish bloated zombie in the hold. Here the party divided. Captain Stanwick and most of the civilians took the boat to safety while the player characters and sick stayed the night in the harbor master’s building.



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