Welcome to Scurvy!

The world of Scurvy is a dangerous place where people must contend with powerful monsters, fearsome pirates, ravaging plagues, and dark secrets. In such a world, one’s life is often short and brutal. Still, there are those who fight to make the world a better place armed with little more than their courage and a sharp blade.

Scurvy is a nautical/pirate themed campaign that utilizes the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules as well as a set of campaign specific rules detailed in the Scurvy Campaign Packet and online at the Scurvy website.

If one looks in the Royal Atlas, they will see that the world’s given name is Jono, but few use that name opting instead for the bitter moniker, Scurvy. It is not known who first applied the name of a disease to the whole world, but there is no doubting its suitability. Every world is touched by diseases great and small, but the six great plagues make Scurvy especially dangerous. The citizens of Scurvy live their blighted lives in towns and cities spread across the many islands that dot the world.

Though the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, only the center-most islands enjoy a tropical climate which cools the farther one travels outward until you reach the great ice wall that encircles Scurvy on all sides. This wall of ice not only surrounds the entire world, but extends far beyond the reach of mortals. Many claim that the ice never ends, and those brave enough to seek its far boundary have never returned.

There is danger enough for the healthy in The World of Scurvy without daring the ice. Long ago the islands were ruled by a single emperor, but now only ruins and stories remain. Today many islands have fallen to monsters, plague, or famine. Most are ruled by petty tyrants who only seek to serve their own ends. Some brave souls have turned away from the protection of such tyrants and live their entire lives on board one ship or another, but with no central government to enforce a common law the seas are ruled by pirates, raiders, and merchants with no clear distinction between them.

To battle these dangers the citizens of Scurvy have armed themselves with steel and sail and the remnants of great magic. Much that was built by the wizards of old has faded, and those who still practice the dark arts have found the ancient powers furtive, fickle, and feeble.

This is not a world for the faint of heart or weak of will. It is a world for the brave and daring. It is a world for those strong enough to carve out their own place in history. It is a world of struggle, a world of adventure, and a world of possibilities.


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